Friday, April 07, 2006


Hello, I´m Camille, I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil but I was born in Paris France.
Here in Brazil, people speak Portuguese but I study at a French school, so I speak French at home with my family and Portuguese when I go out or when I speak to my Brazilian friends.
I left France when I was nine years old, and now I´m seventeen. Next year, I will be able to say that I have spent half of my life in each country.
Even though I spent basically the same time in each country, the French culture represents me best because I speak French at home and at school. My classes are in Franch, about things that concern France. Moreover, I still have much contact with people in France like friends that I met during the holidays,. My father and my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grand-parents also live there. In addition to this, I want to study there after I sitting my baccalauréat.

I have no languages I am averse to but I don´t like expressing myself in English very much because I cannot speak ir well.
I think that foreign language learning should be fostered because it is enriching and with the globalization today, foreign languages can help people in the future, and in different jobs.Foreign languages are an opportunity to understand different cultures, to travel and to communicate with more people.
At school, I learn French because it is a French school, Portuguese because it is the official language of Brazil, English because it is the lingua franca and we have a choice between Spanish and German.

Here in Brazil, people are open so they learn foreign languages easily whereas in France, the population is more conservative and closed so there, people don´t like to learn and study foreign langauges.
I don´t think that speaking a foreign langauge gives people a better status. It gives you a better chance to have a better paid job maybe. However, as I am still young and still at school, it doesn´t give me a better status for the time being.
I think that English is privileged because it is spoken all over the world.
English is the dominant global comunication so here in Brazil, there are many classes of English, at schools and out of school , like in language institutes.

When I came here I was a child, so when you are young it´s not very hard and long to learn a new language.A discovery I made when I was learning Portuguese is that some words have the same pronunciation as in French but a totally different meaning For example, the word "cou" in French means neck, and in Portuguese, "cu" means ass. This can cause very embarrassing moments.

I don´t think that studying a language at school prepares you very well to the real language spoken on the streets of a country or to understand the behavior expected in a specific society.

I think that it is difficult to create an identiy in a foreign language .To create an identity, we should know and live for real the culture of the language that we learn.
I can not be myself in English because it is hard for me to speak this language, I can not express myself very well, I am like prisoner in the barriers of this tongue, so in English, I feel I am no-one.

Monday, November 07, 2005


I wen´t to Firenze with school.It's a really beautiful place.I don't like museums but the Uffizi museum is very interseting, you have to go there.

Sao Paulo

I’m living in Sao Paulo from seven years. I’m French.
This country is so wellcoming!!The people are geate. Brazilians are very cordial, smiling.When you have a problem, people help you.This is the good side of the country, now, in Sao Paulo, there is poberty and when you are a tourist, you can feel sadness and pains for these people.


I lived in France for 10 years.I lived in the periphery of Paris.
I think Paris is a really good city to be visited.Is better to visit it thanto live there because the majority of its unhabitants are stressed ans some time a little bit agressive.In my opinion, good places are Saint Michel, Montmartre.The Champs Elyséesn are very famous but I think there is not a lot of things to do there

Monday, October 03, 2005


I will reflect here about the work done with the blog.
First, I have to say I didn´t like that we had to post each week an article about what we did on class because I don´t have internet at home.I know I could go to the cdi during the time of lunch but I didn´t want to work on this time because it is to make a break, isn´t it??
I prefer when we had to see photographs and make comments.I like veru much photography so it is very interesting for me to see differents kinds of photographs.
I think the work that we had to do in class was better to me.
A thing which was interesting was to post photographs, but I did not do that because of the same reason: I don´t have internet.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Here goes a brainstorming of WORK:
labor, homework, to clean the house, effort, hard, money, business, activity, employment, job, creation.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Make a list of things about the Punks that shocked the British in the late 70s and early 80s.

Whilst torn fabrics, frayed edges, defaced prints, body piercing in parts other than the usual accepted placement in the ear lobe, studs and pins in facial body parts such as eyebrows and cheeks, noses or lips

What do you think they were rebelling against?

I think that they rebelled against authority, against the royalist, for example, a punk rock band called the Sex Pistols did an anti-royalist and anarchistic song.
They were rebel too against fashion, to show their rebellion, they cut up clothes, destroyed the fabric and refashioned outfits.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Molly Pitcher

The document we are studying is a detail of a painting by Dennis Malone Carter titled Molly Pitcher at the battle of Monmouth painted in 1854.It represents Molly Pitcher, a heroine in a battle of the American War of independence.The original name oh this heroine is unknown.She have this nickname because in the battles, she carried water to the soldiers in her husband´s regiment.She also has took her husband´s place at the cannon, serving in the battle.In this painting, the characters are all soldiers except Molly Pitcher.The colours are somber, cold.This is probably to express a feeling of sadness, of something sinister.Molly Pitcher has a red dress, contrasting to the rest of the painting, that´s why she catches our attention.The flag of the United States behind her calls our attention too.This is to highught this heroine and the country for which she is fighting.In the foreground, there is a man fallen on the ground, he is dead.Then, behind him, we can see a man beside a cannon, Molly Pitcher , and next to her another soldier holdind a cap.Molly Pitcher seems determined, persistent, she is in front of the soldiers, she is encouraging them to fight, to be brave.The background is somber, we see many soldiers.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


People, I'm sorry, I'm very late with this blog..So, I'm gonna put an article about stereotypes right know...
Stereotype is to a fix image about somethings, about a group of people with a characteristic...People fix an image about something that doesn't know people tries to relationate something that doesn't know with a something that they know.
Sereotypes can be prejudices.For example, there is a stereotypes that says that blonds are stupid, I'm sorry but I don't agree!!Look at me, I'm not stupid, ok?!!!
I don't understand how does the physical appearence can change something in the intellectual way of a person.It can be a prejudice when a person qualifies all the blonds like stupid persons.
In my opinion, stereotypes are stupid.